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A Postcard from Mikaël Petrossian

  • 18/07/2023
  • Postcard

At Touriste we love receiving postcards, so we asked our favorite globetrotters to write to us…

We are happy to share this monthly pleasure with you ! 

From Paros

A little about myself …

My name is Mikaël Petrossian.
I’m an entrepreneur and I come from a family of armenian entrepreneurs who introduced caviar to the French just over 100 years ago.
I worked as a chartered accountant for almost 10 years before setting up my own company in 2009: YOOM.
YOOM is the dim sum specialist with two restaurants in Paris and sales to catering professionals: hotels, restaurants, bars and caterers.
At the same time, 4 years ago, I took over the Petrossian family business with the ambition of perpetuating and reinforcing the exceptional character of the brand.

I am writing to you from …

From Paros, in the Cyclades, where I’ll be spending the next two weeks with my family…
This is the second year in a row that I’ve spent my summer in the south-east of the island, known for its consistent winds, a real paradise for windsurfing, which I practice every day.

Paros is truly a magical place. The stunning white houses contrast with the deep blue of the sea, creating a breathtaking landscape.
The narrow and winding streets of the traditional villages are filled with charm and peace. I love strolling the streets, stopping here and there to discover little hidden treasures, like artisanal stores and picturesque cafes.
Of course, I can’t forget to mention the delicious Greek cuisine that I enjoy every day when I’m there!

My Tourist moment …

I’m a “gourmet tourist” by excellence! I’m passionate about food, local products and I love exploring new destinations through their culinary cultures. I’m always looking for unique taste experiences, the best restaurants, the most talented chefs or simply good family cooking …

From sophisticated dishes to the hidden treasures of street food, I’m ready to taste anything to discover the authentic flavors of each location I visit.

My travel diary is full of food recommendations and my phone is ready to record every delicious dish. I often come home with lots of ideas and inspirations for new products that will expand our fine grocery range.

My upcoming night at the hotel …

Paros Comfy Suites near the village of Naoussa in the north of the island.
This is the first time we’ll be staying at this hotel, that seems to be the perfect place to start a family vacation…
I like to switch from one hotel or house to another during my holidays to experience new things.
Whether for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a business trip, I love the unique experiences and the atmosphere of hotels.

The travel of my dreams …

My dream trip would be Japan. Among other things, I’d like to immerse myself in Tokyo’s lively areas, explore Kyoto’s stunning temples and admire its Japanese gardens. I also dream and especially of a gastronomic exploration through Japan where I could discover the variety of dishes, ingredients and culinary traditions of this fascinating country. I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese culture, which mixes tradition and modernity in a unique way.

Another aspect of my dream trip to Japan is to spend time in a traditional karate dojo. Practicing this martial art for over 30 years, it would be an amazing experience to immerse myself in the authentic atmosphere of a Japanese dojo, learn traditional techniques from expert masters and interact with passionate practitioners.

In my suitcase …

Oh, my suitcase… My suitcase is a real festival of “just in case” and excessive optimisation.
I must confess that I often find it hard to resist the temptation to pack more than I actually need.
While my suitcase continues to be a comical reflection of my dreams of packing “light”, I always find an excuse to pack “a little more”!

Mes chansons de Touriste préférées …

Million miles from home” by Keziah Jones with that funk guitar riff intro that instantly sends me into a joyful, festive vacation mood …

First Travel Memory

My first travel memory was a trip to New York with my parents. I was young, but the excitement of discovering such a symbolic city was overwhelming.
As soon as we arrived, I was immediately impressed by the size and energy of this metropolis.

The imposing skyscrapers reaching up to the sky seemed to touch the clouds, creating an impressive urban canvas. The animated streets were filled with people from all over the world, each with their own story to tell. I was captivated by the unique blend of cultures, languages and lifestyles that coexisted in harmony in this city.

I was also fascinated by New York’s food diversity, from hot-dogs to pepperoni pizzas, through the dim sum restaurants of Chinatown…

This first trip to New York has awakened my curiosity about the city and made me want to come back often…

Mikaël Petrossian